Beyond Sexual Harassment: Other Forms of Harassment & Discrimination



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Employee Version

Whether employees are engaging in harassing behavior or being harassed themselves, they need to know what their limits and their rights are. This video shows employees what constitutes unprofessional, unacceptable or illegal behavior and how to handle harassment when it does occur. Key Training Points:

  • How to identify harassing behaviors
  • How to understand the negative impact of harassment
  • How to get involved and take action when harassment occurs


Manager Version

Offensive and inappropriate behavior on the job doesn’t have to be sexual to be harassment. This video uses realistic vignettes to show managers how to identify and prevent incidents involving age, gender, religion, and other not-so-obvious forms of discrimination. How To Training Points:

  • How to identify harassing behavior
  • How to establish that harassment is discrimination and will not be tolerated
  • How to follow through on your organization’s anti-harassment policies and procedures


Vignettes Version

This narrated video presents a series of gender- gap situations and illustrates effective solutions for both men and women when faced with similar situations. Several common communication differences between men and women are evaluated, and your employees will be introduced to the three ground rules that can help them communicate more effectively.

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