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Good writing skills are arguably the most important requirement in today’s working world. A misstep in tone, grammar, or format may mean the difference between sealing a big deal and losing it.

A skilled writer can modify their writing style and tailor their message to align with their target audience, regardless of the medium they’re using. With the growing number of daily emails, reports, social media posts, and instant messages, good writing skills can build relationships, improve job performance, and enhance collaboration among teams.

Whether you use email, social media, messaging apps, or other types of correspondence, writers at every level can improve their skills. This program follows 4 basic skill sets: writing basics, advanced writing, writing to manage well, and writing for the digital world.

What to expect:

  • 4 micro-learning courses:
    • Writing Basics
    • Advanced Writing
    • Writing to Manage Well (coming soon)
    • Writing for the Digital World (coming soon)
  • Each course contains 6 modules, covering topics like:
    • Writing basics
    • Advanced writing skills
    • Writing strategically
    • Using an active voice
    • Common writing problems
    • Editing and proofing
    • Emails
    • Reports
    • Presentations

After completing the micro-video modules (3-7 minutes) in the Business Writing Made Easy series, every level of writer will have the guidelines they need to instantly improve the things they write.

The ideas and techniques demonstrated in this program are based on the book, Business Writing for dummies, and have been field-tested in hundreds of workshops and courses for business people, public relations professionals, corporate communicators, and nonprofit leaders. It is designed to give your employees a complete foundation for effective business writing in a world that has succumbed to text-speak and jargon.

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