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Getting Real About Workplace Violence is a new, 18-minute video created for front line employees and staff, followed by a 7-minute advanced manager’s training. Thoughtfully designed and produced to increase awareness and empower viewers, it informs but doesn’t overwhelm.

get out | get safe get tough
If you can, get out
If you can’t, get safe

If you have to, get tough Acts of Extreme Violence are always dynamic. There just isn’t a “checklist answer” on what to do, which means knowing your OPTIONS is vital.  Getting Real About Workplace Violence keeps the guidance open-ended and easy to remember, enabling quick and decisive ACTION when every second counts!

The risk of workplace violence doesn’t need to be left to chance alone. Learn how to prevent and survive a potentially life-or-death situation.

The course includes survival strategies, prevention steps, and manager-specific training that highlights their critical role in identifying concerning behaviors and diffusing potential situations from escalating.
The content aligns with the American National Standard, which is the standard advised by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) for best practices addressing workplace violence prevention and response.

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