Learning Styles Assessment


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Learning Styles Assessment, is a comprehensive way to assess an individual’s preferred method for learning and retaining new information. It measures each learning style based on four categories of situations. Using the four categories of the learning process along side the individuals unique learning style allows organizations to maximize their training investments to assemble high performing teams.

The four categories are:
  1. Attending
    • What is the individual’s motivation to learn?
  2. Translating
    • Who does the individual rely on to understand new information?
    • Are they dependent, collaborative, or autonomous?
  3. Relating
    • How doe the individual like to receive new information?
    • Are they Visual, Auditory, or Kinesthetic?
  4. Understanding
    • How does the individual synthesize new information?
    • Do they prefer an “Analytical” (detailed) or a “Global” (big picture) approach?


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