More Than a Gut Feeling IV


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In this renowned eLearning course, trainees learn behavior-based interviewing skills to make the right hiring decisions.

The course is built around the More Than A Gut Feeling training video and begins with a short self-assessment to help trainees identify what they know and what they will learn. Then they are engaged by a dramatic story line that explains key skills and models effective interview behavior. Learning is enhanced through a series of interactive, multiple-choice questions that are embedded in the story as Dr. Green gives feedback on each response. Finally, there is a comprehensive post-test that allows trainees to apply what was learned.

More Than a Gut Feeling IV is one of the most popular interview training tools in the world today. It introduces the science of interviewing in practical language and models key interviewing techniques, such as asking past-event questions. The videos and materials have been available for 36 years in over 25 countries and all major languages.

This program shows interviewers how to make the right hiring decisions, based on the behavior-based interviewing (BBI) strategy developed by Paul C. Green, Ph.D. This approach is behavioral because of its emphasis on gaining specific examples of what a person has done in order to predict what that person will do. It is based on the premise that behavior predicts. People tend to perform in the future in the same way that they performed in the past. In this revised and updated version, more consideration is given to the idea of uncovering behavioral predictors, as well as thoughtful attention toward a thorough job analysis being the basis for developing effective BBI questions.

How-To Training Points
  • Use a job description and job research to build a structured interview
  • Gain a behavioral predictor and project job performance
  • Use questions to guide and control the interview
  • Make hiring decisions based on job-related skills, not gut feelings
  • Explain why the behavior-based approach is so important in selection today
  • Use a job-related approach that will support defensibility

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