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Service Skills Online Learning is a library of eLearning courses that cover all aspects of communication training for your business. Topics are revealed in depth through presentations, animations, and dramatically acted examples. Each course includes quizzes and printable participant materials to reinforce their learning. Eleven different courses are included with 124 individual modules to bring your team members up to speed on business etiquette, customer service, and a variety of different business skills. The topics included in this library are: Customer service, telephone skills, customer loyalty, email etiquette, mentoring, team building, conflict resolution, and management development.

Courses Include:

  • Telephone Doctor® Customer Service Series (14 modules)
  • Service Matters℠ Roundtable Series (12 modules)
  • ServiceSims℠ Challenge Series (12 modules)
  • Email Matters℠ The Art of Better Service Series (19 modules)
  • 8 Keys To A More Respectful Workplace℠ (10 modules)
  • How to be a Terrible Team Member℠ (11 modules)
  • What To Say When℠ Team Building Series (10 modules)
  • What To Say When℠ Conflict Resolution Series (10 modules)
  • What To Say When℠ Mentoring Series (10 modules)
  • Newmarket Learning℠ Leadership Series (6 modules)
  • Houndville℠ Animated Workplace Series (10 modules)


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