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The Embracing Diversity for Growth & Excellence (EDGE) Advantage

From presenting the business case to diversity along with internal and external factors that drive it, to recognizing commonly held stereotypes — both positive and negative, the EDGE content is delivered as a highly interactive and dynamic learning experience. Visible and non-visible aspects of diversity are covered as participants learn that diversity is not about simply one or two “diversity” issues, but biological, personal/cultural, and workplace differences.

As the course series progresses, participants are challenged to incorporate newly acquired skills into the workplace to reduce barriers and maximize and leverage the benefits of diversity. Since the participant is actually the ninth member of a “virtual” team, he/she actively participates with the team in making decisions, voicing opinions, and responding to various “your turn” questions throughout the course as they learn how the team’s behavior increases the benefits of diversity while reducing the challenges.

Benefits of EDGE
  • See opportunities for development & strengths within various work groups
  • Increased interactivity by posing questions and surveys within the program series
  • The data is captured by our proprietary Learning Management System, DQTracs, and provides you with invaluable feedback about the culture of inclusion inside your workforce
  • You will be better able to meet the needs of your workforce, as well as your consumer, viewing the collective perceptions and concerns by a variety of filters, such as race, ethnicity, gender, age, and company position
Full Course Includes
  • 3 Modules (30-45 minutes each)
    • Introduction
    • The Knowledge EDGE
    • The Awareness EDGE


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