When the Going Gets Tough


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When the Going Gets Tough…With C.W. Metcalf – Two-Part Program

The problem of stresses of change is that they can leave you feeling out of control and at a loss for appropriate action. Well, it’s never too late. Now, C.W. Metcalf offers a completely unique and simple way to cope with those changes before you tighten up and snap.

Addressing the most neglected issue of emergency training and response, C.W. Metcalf brings hope to all employees by creating a healing environment based on self-management and laughter. Through stories of his work with severely injured and traumatized patients we learn to laugh again and live again.

Key Training Points:

  • Is balance a myth? If so, what are we really seeking?
  • When crisis looms, what action do you take to best cope with it?
  • When the going gets tough, the tough get loose
  • Learn the critical difference between Combat and Competition

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